100 Horses In History features horse and pony personalities in eight chapters: The Trailblazers; Movies, Music, and Timeless Tales; War Horses; Call to the Post; Celebrity Status; Heroes and Heroines; Stars of the Show; and Legend and Lore.

Leading the charge of war horses is Marengo. He was a small Arabian stallion and carried French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte throughout his attempted conquest of the world.

Horses to remember made history with their own versions of "firsts": the first winner of the Kentucky Derby; the first winner of the American Thoroughbred Triple Crown; the horse to carry the first American rider to win an equestrian individual Olympic gold medal; the first horse to be feted as a celebrity in the lobby of the storied Brown Palace in Denver.

We will never forget the chestnut juggernaut Secretariat who won the Belmont Stakes by thirty-one lengths and the 1973 Triple Crown, setting records in each of the Triple Crown races.

Each biography features a photograph, painting, drawing, and in one case, sheet music. (Look around at cupolas and barn roofs ...you might see the trotting Smuggler weathervane.)